6-Year-Old in Need


A 6-year-old, weighing 17.5 pounds was brought to the mission. She had distended abdomen, so she was referred to a pediatric gastroenterologist. This little girl lives with her family in a distant mountain village. Due to the relatively high cost of transportation, her mother was unable to return to the office for follow up care.  However, the mission received a message asking for help to treat the child who was then coughing and had a fever.  The girl was sent to the hospital where she was confined and treated for community-acquired pneumonia. Chest X-Ray suggested concomitant pulmonary tuberculosis; ultrasound report showed that she had liver parenchymal disease.  She was given a special formula to treat marasmus and discharged 10 days later with the advice to continue the formula.  Later, the little girl was again seen by a mission doctor who recommended further testing to rule out tuberculosis.  Will you help her care continue?

Fritzie Chiu Choy


Fritzie Chiu Choy has congestive heart failure (20% remaining), type II diabetes, kidney failure (cannot extract liquid), and lungs congested with water.  She lives with her daughter who is a student, her father who is bed-ridden with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and her mother who has glaucoma and cataracts. Because urination is difficult and she cannot afford medicine, she will frequently fast for up to 3 days.  Fritzie needs financial assistance for an angiogram, medical fees, oxygen at night, and blood/heart meds. Will you please help?


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