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With our mission we have helped people all around the world. 


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Four Missions' founder has participated in 7 Catholic health missions to the Philippines. During her fifth mission, she learned of their year-round need for resources, especially financial resources, as they do year-round follow-up care. That same year, she was blessed with a 20-hour layover and, realizing that there were probably other missions around the world that could also use the vast resources of America, she decided to use her business background to start a non-profit.


Four Missions is a volunteer-run nonprofit, dedicated to keeping administrative costs low, with the goal of distributing 100% of personal donations and 90% of fundraising proceeds directly to those in need. Thus far, we have sent about $5,000 to provide follow-up care to Rosa Mystica Health Mission patients, connected 4 volunteers with missions, and sent religious articles to the Philippines and to Africa.


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Four Missions Inc was founded to promote and support Catholic missions.